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Peninsula Subdivisions

(Originally posted on December 1, 2016)

Two recent applications have been lodged with the DCC for “Non-complying Activity” on the Otago Peninsula.  Information on these were available on the DCC website:

Non complying activity – 78 Cape Saunders Road – SUB-2016-58 & LUC-2016-336:
(submissions closed 25-Nov-2016)

Non-complying activity – 1069 Highcliff Road – LUC-2016-481:
(submissions closed 9-Dec-2016)

The Highcilff Road application generated some local comments:

   The proposed house site is quite prominent and high on Peggy’s Hill.  It will be the only house actually up on one of the hillsides of Peggy’s Hill. All others are down nearer the road- either Camp or Highcliff. There are of course land stability issues and septic tank/field concerns as well.

    … they could sell the newly developed property, effectively making it a subdivision and property development profit venture …

Gerald Newbury had the following to say:

    Talk about people who live in glass houses!  especially the talk about the Pukehiki sub-division, I don’t know if people are aware that the majority of properties  have been subdivided off farm land.   I could print the majority of them.  Check out your neighbours just how their land was provided.

    So I think some people should get on managing their own affairs, & not other peoples.

    This needs to be a honest & friendly district, not the way it appears to be at the moment.

    it seems to have  gone more this way since the 2 car slip.

    get on with your own life…

The Saunders Road application has generated a response from Papanui & Hoopers Community and Environment Protection Group as  detailed in the Pukehiki Website: