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Weddings at Pukehiki Community Church

Pukehiki Wedding

The Pukehiki Community Church is a popular venue for weddings for those in the district and those from far away places.

This Community Church is not affiliated to any denomination, hence couples choose their own marriage celebrant, and can decide on the style and format of their wedding, making each event unique and personal.

The little country Church can comfortably seat 100 to 120 guests, and up to 150 when packed.

Pukehiki Wedding

Prior to each wedding (normally the evening before), the Church is opened up for a 'practice run', and to allow flowers to be placed, etc. On the Wedding day, a volunteer from the Pukehiki Church will be present to assist before, during, and after the Wedding.

And as a treat for guests, you can order a classic bus ride to and from the Church with the Otago Heritage Bus Society.

Click here for pictures of the Pukehiki Church.

Please note that the Church is undergoing restoration work,
hence there will be times of the year when it will be unavailable for weddings.

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Pukehiki Wedding